Organizing Solutions


Solutions to Tidy All of Your Space Related Issues!

Closet Management

Closet Management

Tidy Made Easy will help bring back space to your closet and help you find all your special outfits!

  • Arrange clothing to maximize space and utility
  • Purge items that are no longer useful, in fashion, or fit your lifestyle
  • Donate or sell the gently used items
  • Come up with creative storage solutions to protect your items and make your closet more functional
Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Organization

The kitchen is usually the center of the home. It is the place where everyone uses most of the time. Let us create an inviting and lively space for the whole family.

  • Pantry, cupboard,refrigerator, and drawers organization
  • Declutter and remove unused items in your refrigerator
  • Donate or dispose of kitchen appliances and gadgets you no longer use
Office Space & Paper Management

Office Space & Paper Management

Many of us are working from home and need a space that works efficiently. Having a space that is organized will help you be more productive and spend less time looking for the things you need.

  • Create custom organization systems
  • Implement a “handle-it-once” policy
  • Space planning for furniture and electronics to maximize efficiency
Garage Organization

Garage Organization

The garage can be used for many purposes. Do you want easy access your stored items? Do you want space to park your car but have all your sports equipment, lawn equipment, and holiday decorations all occupy a lot of space.

  • Reorganize and create useful space
  • Remove and recycle unwanted items
  • Space saving and planning around sports and leisure supplies
  • Create more functional laundry/cleaning area
  • Arrange for maintenance, painting, and/or repairs to increase utility of garage
Living/Family/Bed Room Organization

Living/Family Room/Bedroom Organization

Tidy Made Easy can help make these spaces feel relaxing and peaceful.

  • Sort through old, dated electronics and arrange for donation/recycling
  • Create more functional and relaxing living space with furniture placement
  • Declutter and remove unused items
  • Arrange furniture to increase space and create entertaining atmosphere
  • Declutter and purge items in dresser drawers
Moving / Unpacking


Moving can be very stressful, tiring and time consuming. We unpack, put away, organize and resettle your home.

  • We help you with the floor planning of your new home. We’ll rearrange the furniture if needed.
  • We unpack the boxes and set up your kitchen, organize your Bedrooms, bathrooms and hang the clothes in the closets.
  • We organize the linen closets, laundry room and the garage.