Don’t Take Our Word for it, Hear What They’re saying…

"All I can say is … wow! I’m a working mom with 2 toddlers. Rachel completely transformed my bedroom! I had 10 years worth of clothes along with my husband and my room looks fabulous. Also, she’s wonderful to work with. Highly recommend!"
"Working with Rachel is truly a gift!!! She doesn't just help you organize but creates a solid structure for you to keep it that way. She goes above and beyond to ensure your space stayes beautiful and organized with great planning, measuring, bins, files, cabinets etc. I highly recommend working with Rachel for all your decluttering and organizational needs."
"Rachel decluttered and organized my closets and bedroom. She did a fabulous job! She was very patient with me and was not pushy for me to get rid of everything. I highly recommend her."
"I had an amazing experience with Rachel, not only was it organized but i feel like the color coordination was SPOT ON!"
"Rachel did an excellent job helping me organize my office space. She was patient with me while going through so much paperwork. She encouraged me and motivated me during the whole process, especially when I was a bit apprehensive. I love how it turned out. My office space is simple, clean and fully functional now, I highly recommend Rachel for all your organizing needs!"
"With six children and lots of stuff, it was becoming overbearing for me... even to figure out how to begin getting it all in order. Rachel walked in and was able to quickly know how to help our home become more organized and with functional flow! She has guided and implemented simple solutions that have helped our home feel much more comfortable and look much neater. Functional organization and visual appeal come natural to Rachel and we are most thankful for her help and inspiration."
"Rachel organized my kid’s playroom.😊 I am so impressed with her organizational skills! It can be challenging to keep toys, games and books in its own place when you have small children. However, Rachel made it so much easier with her ideas and vision. She took the time to help me figure what the kids need and don’t need. She organized everything into its own place in new organized shelves. She even made really cute artwork for the playroom to make things really pop! My kids are now excited to help me keep the playroom organized ! I look forward to working with Rachel in the future! Thank you Rachel for your amazing work!
"We hired Tidy Made Easy to organize a shed. Rachel did an excellent job. All is accessible and stored away. Would highly recommend."
"We hired Rachel to help us with our move into our new house. She helped us decide what items we should keep and pack. Unpacking was super easy with her assistance. We highly recommend Tidy Made Easy." taisa sklarew 4 reviews
"I recently renovated my kitchen and needed help organizing my kitchen cabinets so it can be functional and neat. I also didn’t want to just unpack and fill my cabinets with junk and waste space. It’s really hard to get ride of things! I found Rachel and am so happy I did! She was so patient and listed to my wants and gave me what I need. She had practical suggestions and worked on organizing all my kitchen cabinets. Hope to have her work on the family room next."
"Rachel’s dedication and unique eye for organization completely transformed our house. Her method is truly Tidy Made Easy!"
"I was very nervous about giving over control of my collection of household goods. I knew I didn’t use or need half of what I accumulated but lacked the get up and go to cut through the stacks to get to the best of the best. Rachel did an outstanding job of reviewing and helping me decide. In was painless for me. She reorganized my supplies so that everything was easier to access. Rachel was so easy to work with and flexible with our busy schedules. Can’t wait to start the next project with her."
"I could never have organized my office space without the assistance and guidance from Rachel. She helped me sort through so much paperwork, discard what I didn’t need any longer and scan more current documents. She found the perfect furniture and the most effective ways to keep everything in order. My office is now clean, organized and a great space for me to work with a clear mind. Thanks Rachel!"