Another home office transformation: From an overwhelming mess, to a "free to be me" space.

The Home Office 

Many of us want our things to stay right where they belong. Moving things to a different place can feel too different. And getting rid of them can feel even worse! This challenge presents itself to so many people who suffer with dysfunctional home offices. But what if there actually was a better way? 

This home office had years of sentimental items and paperwork found everywhere. This made it impossible to start organizing the room without a good plan.  Sentimental items bring joy, so they make it difficult for their owners to move them or consider changing the space in which they occupy. 

So we first took a closer look at all of the framed photos, awards, and kid’s artwork. We agreed that these items should be put on display, and beautified. It’s amazing how some shelving, hammer, nails and a little elbow grease can come in handy! 

By putting these items on display we were simultaneously getting them out of the way, and into a more presentable place. My client’s fears were quickly dissipated and a sense of perseverance came over us. This helped fuel us and allowed us to start picking up the pace.

We then moved on to the old hard-drives, devices and computer accessories. Since many of them were so outdated, unused and not even working, we were able to get rid of so many of them.

Pretty soon all of the surface items were held, appreciated, and valued. We were able to repeat this with all of the old paperwork as well. Filing and organizing layer after layer, minute after minute.

Even the old nightmarish boxes, trays, and folders were eliminated. As things cleared out we were able to see more of the room. We were slowly being freed from all of the broken and outdated (purchased and DIY) organizing systems.  

With the help of some cable management tools we were able to tackle the nightmarish dusty old birds nests of computer cables and wires. We certainly were glad that we eliminated that herd of dirty elephants in the room!

Once freed from their restraints, the computer equipment was moved to a slightly more strategic location which made things more ergonomic and functional.

This progress helped us create more space in the room. We eventually re-evaluated the furniture’s location and found better ways to utilize them.

Finally it was time for us to take our first real step back to take it all in. Everything felt so different, which was a shock at first. But at the same time, everything felt so much more accessible than before! The entire room became more warm and welcoming. The future of productivity and joy awaits!

Thats my Tidy Made Easy way!

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