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My Interview with Homes & Gardens Magazine - "How to declutter a nightstand – for a clutter-free sleep space"

How-to-declutter-a-nightstand-for-a-clutter-free-space-Homes & Gardens Magazine is Britain’s oldest decorating magazine. With 7.3 million global monthly users, and 9 million global average monthly page views, the magazine showcases classic design that stands the test of time.   

In the interview, I was asked about the best ways to declutter and sort your items, which type of organizers to use and the importance of a good nights sleep. Here’s a little excerpt from the article: 

Sleep is one of the most essential things to any person… ever. Did you know that the quality of your sleep is influenced by the surrounding space? In the step-by-step guide, a few professional organizers and I break down how to make sure that your nightstand isn’t cluttered, why it’s important to clean your nightstand, and other essential tips to improve sleep through the method of decluttering.

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