2024 Little Changes, Big Results!

As we say goodbye to 2023, we usher in 2024 with the familiar pressure to make this year “THE year”. We all aspire to achieve long-term goals and to make transformative changes. But rather than succumb to the overwhelming desire for grand transformations, I have learned to consider the power of starting small. So I am going to share with you a refreshing way to make positive lifestyle changes through organizing. 

Find Your Project & Start Organizing:

Begin with identifying specific areas in your life that could use a touch of organization—whether it’s your cluttered pantry, stuffed garage, or that notorious junk drawer. Then, choose a dedicated time each week to address and organize this space even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. Once you’ve achieved order in that area, continue to maintain it over the next 30 days. This exercise will make a surprising impact on your life, even though you will only spend a few minutes each day in the process.

Keep Building:

Proceed gradually by adding another area over the next month. Reflect on the progress you’ve made over the past 30 days. This should reinforce your understanding of how important the process is for achieving this success. Take your time as many people will find themselves feeling overwhelmed. If that happens, try to retrace your steps, or go back to only maintaining what you’ve already organized.


When dealing with disorganization, a glance at any cluttered space often reveals only the surface chaos. Consider your kitchen – if it consistently descends into chaos, it indicates a deeper issue. The roots of disorganization lie in the smallest details. Inspect your container drawer – is it properly organized? Open your fridge – does each item have its designated space? Scrutinize the small spaces and details; you’ll quickly realize their collective impact on the overall disorder. When brainstorming your resolutions, don’t forget to start with the inner problems of your space to transform the outward appearance


Transforming your lifestyle does not need to feel like you are punishing yourself. Instead, you can make this transformation an exciting one by establishing a reward system.  For example, if you maintain one space on your list for a month then treat yourself to something special. If you sustain two spaces for two months, buy yourself that item that’s been lingering in your Amazon shopping cart. By incentivizing your progress, you can celebrate the positive changes being brought into your space. This will encourage looking for new ways to continue transforming your life through new spaces!


Properly implementing these transformative concepts into your home is crucial. Staying focused on your goal can be challenging when tackling it solo. By incorporating another person, whether it’s a spouse, child, or friend, you set the stage for long-term success. Partnering with someone not only adds excitement to the process but will also establish accountability for ensuring success in the new year. Ask your partner to help keep you honest, and give you the feedback you need to keep your space organized. Listen and learn to see how you can make subtle changes to your routine which can result in a better outcome. 

The Long Run:

While New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition, they often demand peace of mind, order, and a balanced lifestyle to achieve them. By prioritizing the organization of your space, you develop consistency, cleanliness, and motivation which are skills that can propel you toward achieving so many of those goals on your list. 

Small changes, with consistency applied, can lead to big results!